Places to stay in the Hills District

You are contemplating on the best places to live in Australia, and you have settled for the Hills District. However, you are looking for the most liveable place with ample security, a good transport system, social amenities, and one that will give you and your loved ones a community feel. Considering that there are tens of suburbs in this part of Sydney, finding the best can be a hassle.

All the suburbs in Sydney were not made equal. We cannot say that there are those suburbs that are better than others, but your choice of the place to live will depend on a range of factors including your budget, and whether you need to rent a home or buy one.

To help you make an informed decision below are some of the best places to live in the Hills District:

Beaumont Hills

If you are looking for a place with the highest liveability, and one that you can live alone or with a family, then you need to check out Beaumont Hills. It is way smaller than some of the moist popular suburbs such as Rouse Hill and Kellyville, but one that is characterized by shopping areas, proximity to rail transport, and a fantastic community feel. It is also one of the most affordable places to rent and buy a home.

Rouse Hill

This is a popular suburb in the Hills District, which contains all the amenities that you may need to live a comfortable life. There are various public and private schools where your children can learn, not forgetting that the Metro is now open – making public transport a breeze. The RHTC has also enhanced the vibrancy of this area, offering restaurants, shopping areas, and a cinema where you can kill your boredom on weekends or when you need to have fun with your loved ones.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is by far one of the most fantastic places to live in the Hills District. It features newly-built modern homes, which are in close proximity to public transport, schools, and health facilities. Also, the Castle Hill shopping centre is at a walking distance; hence you don’t have to drive for long distances to get whatever you need for your household or personal needs. The shopping area features a swimming pool, bakery, grocery store, restaurant, news agency, among other businesses, which means you can get anything you need locally.

Castle Hill also boasts of several parks with basketball courts, tennis courts, bike trails, and walking paths, meaning that you will find all the family fun your yearn for. This is one of the most sought-after suburbs in Sydney, and one that you should put at the top of your priority list when looking for the best places to stay in the Hills District.

West Pennant Hills

This is another popular suburb in the Hills District that prides in modern homes, built near schools, shops, and public transport. It is also home to some of the best recreational facilities, which makes it a perfect gem to have fun with your friends and family. Some real estate experts even refer to it as the smartest, quietest, and classiest suburb to live in Sydney.


If you have an emerging family, single, or retiree looking for a place where you will live a quiet but exciting life, Cherrybrook is doubtlessly the suburb that should be at the helm of your list.  Apart from having affordable modern homes, it also boasts of great facilities such as parks, rail transport, and shopping areas. It plays home to the prestigious Cherrybrook Technology High School, and a number of other schools where your children can learn in.

The Hills is a great place to live. These suburbs are great to live, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the others not in the list. Research about them and choose one that best suits your needs!